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Excerpts from the Fall Issue:

Caution on the Trail required in Craighleith

Extra caution is required where the Georgian Trail crosses Lakeshore Road, just before Highway 26. Sewage hauling trucks are now regularly backing up across the Georgian Trail...

[UPDATE] Controling an invasive species along the trail

Common Buckthorn is an extremely invasive species that affects soil quality by changing its nitrogen composition, making it difficult for other native species to survive.

Emergecy bike repair stations coming in 2018

Two new repair stations are to be installed on the Georgian Trail next year....

Also in the current issue:

A historIcal movement!...the former Stayner train station
Report from your Management Board...and more!

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Inside the Current Issue
of 'Staying On Track'

  • A new caution for Trail users in Craigleith
  • UPDATE: Dealing with an invasive species
  • Repair stations on the Trail
  • Your Management Board's latest report

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